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1.5 butterfly valve

The 1.5 butterfly valve is an excellent option for numerous applications. It is used to regulate the flow of liquid throughout the brewing process. These sorts of fittings are typically combined with a Tri-clamp for simple system breakdown. There are various advantages to using these fittings, including the ability to easily separate from your brewing equipment and the ability to replace gaskets.

Tri-clamp fittings make it easy to quickly break down your brewing setup

In the professional brewing and food processing sectors, tri-clamp fittings are commonly utilized. They make it simple to swiftly disconnect and reconnect brewing equipment components. This makes them a practical alternative to the cumbersome screw-on connectors. However, they require some adjustment to fit well.

Other types of fittings are available, such as hose clamps, which are convenient for disconnecting and reconnecting hoses. Hose clamps are less hygienic and more difficult to clean than tri-clamp fittings.

Homebrewers are also fond of camlock connectors. They are simple to use and potentially more hygienic than hose clamps. However, they may be heated when transporting hot liquids. Additionally, they can be more challenging to operate than tri-clamp fittings. Consequently, if you're interested in employing a camlock, you may wish to use an adaptor that allows you to use a camlock hose with a tri-clamp outlet.

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